Laura Randall

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What's New:

This piece is reminiscent of some of the work I created after graduating in 2012.  I have always loved painting on wood, and painting almost transparently, letting the beauty of the wood show right through.  I have also been experimenting with some new cut-piece panels, and I love the effect it creates!  The subject of this painting is the great horned owl, a resident of Midland's Wye Marsh.

"Walking the Coast" has been on my 'to paint' list for quite some time now, and I am greatful to finally have gotten there.  Iove this image, which is based on a photo I took on a family trip out East a few years ago - Starring my Dad.

A family of raccoons invaded my yard last Spring, and the "Backyard Bandit" is the first painting that has resulted from the encounter... but with faces like these, there are bound to be more...

"Skipper" and "Turnor Lake" - my two favorite pieces from 2017!