Laura Randall

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      My newest work, shown here, continues to explore the same themes as my series "Underfoot" below.  I continue to experiment with images of my favorite subjects, including animals, people, and landscapes.  More recently, I have also been dabbling in my love of painting on wood, combining the most important aspects from "Underfoot and "Reflections" into a single suite.


     These Images were shown in parts as two separate exhibitions - First Titled "Underfoot" in 2013, and later images being displayed as part of "This is home, two years later.
      Other Images shown here were commissions, or other works that have never been publicly displayed, but are a part of the same body of work, and theme.
     Underfoot pays homage to my home, my travels, and my awe in the greatness and beauty found all around us, if we take the time to look.


     Granted is a small suite of paintings, touched with ink to add a unique aesthetic.  Much of the subject matter and theme follows that of my work in "Underfoot", but focuses on simplifying the images and giving them a more graphic look.
     By outlining and defining random patterns and shapes that were created during the painting process, I sought to explore the world's seemingly random processes of creation. 


     Reflections is a body of portraits that I created shortly after my graduation from University.  These images sought to look deeper into the subject, past the surface.  I aimed to capture something special about each of the people I painted in this suite, all of whom are people that I know well and love.
     The use of wood panels as my painting surface is significant in that the wood holds (or held) so much life.  Again, tying in with the themes in "Granted" the grain in the wood is a randomly occurring and beautiful pattern, a theme that is also reflected in my subjects themselves.


     This is a selection of other work that I have done, but that does not necessarily fit with my main bodies of work.  Enjoy.